About Us

Filling Station Coffee has 3 locations Midtown, Westport, and Overland Park. Each location is totally unique, and we think they're awesome places to grab food and coffee, or have a meeting. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or a snack in-between, you’ll have plenty to fill up on when you stop in.

We believe firmly in presenting quality and originality. We revisit our menu regularly but always continue to serve up the house favorites. When we can’t create items in our own kitchen, we proudly work with other local businesses to bring you a full menu of quality goods. Our coffee program is run in partnership with Messenger Coffee and we are highly focused on delivering a stellar coffee experience.

Wow! I stopped by the Filling Station while in town this morning for the Royals playoffs games. I live in Southern California. First, the coffee was incredible. I had a light roast, and while I'm admittedly not a coffee aficionado, it definitely had a bright taste and woke me up. Second, they have amazing juice, even by California standards. I had the Go To Kale. Third, the breakfast sandwich was fantastic. Went with the sausage croissant. Hand made and fresh. So good. This place is easily my favorite coffee shop in KC. To the owners, managers, and staff, a very hearty well done! ~ Roger G, Yelp reviewer